Provide healthy and biodiverse spaces for patient and staff wellbeing.

Exemplar sustainable healthcare building design and healthy, green, nature-friendly outside spaces.

Use of re-usable Sharpsmart containers throughout most of the Trust, rather than disposable sharps boxes.

Implementation of the non-infectious (tiger bag) waste stream. 60% of our clinical waste is now consigned as non-infectious. This reduces the environmental and financial cost of treating this waste.

Recycle over 40% of our waste. Recycling facilities are available in most areas and we are working towards improving facilities where they are not currently available.

At the RVI packaged food waste is not disposed of in the general waste. It is instead diverted to a specialist facility which treats the waste and generates gas that is fed in to the national grid and a certified fertiliser spread to land.

Recycle PVC from theatres at Freeman and other recyclable materials generated such as instrument packaging.

Carry out a three yearly cycle of waste audits of all clinical areas, to ensure compliance and identify opportunities for improvements to waste segregation.

Make sure you know how to dispose of waste correctly in your area of work. To find out how to dispose of commonly used items look at the ‘ordering, disposal and forms’ section on the intranet.

Find out about carrying out a single-use plastics audit in your area of work email

Take a look at the waste and recycling pages of the Trust intranet and download any posters you need to improve waste segregation in your area.

Request a waste audit for your area – e mail

Sign up to be a Green Champion – email

Sign up a Green Impact Team for your area – email

Follow the Sustainability Team on Twitter – @SustainableNUTH

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