Developing low carbon care pathways and adapting our services with climate change in mind

Develop low-carbon care pathways for our patients; improving health outcomes whilst delivering social and environmental benefits

Ensure sustainability is embedded into Trust business strategies, policy development and investment/business case proposals

To be recognised as the leading NHS acute teaching hospital Trust for sustainable healthcare policy and practice

Board approved Climate Change Adaptation Plan, including detailed resilience plans in place for extreme weather events, and climate change mitigation and adaptation featuring prominently in our plans for new builds

Developed new ways to deliver care closer to home, including local clinics, at-home care and telehealth services.

Ill-health prevention projects, including delivering training for patients on better self-care to reduce GP visits and hospital admissions. Using the ‘Make Every Contact Count (MECC)’ approach to patient interactions

The Trust is continuing to move away from paper-based systems to digital recording as part of the ‘NHS paperlite’ project.

First ever Fellowship in Sustainable Anaesthesia at Freeman Hospital, following on from action to reduce the carbon impact of anaesthetic gases and improved waste segregation within theatres.

The Sustainability Team have joined with Medical Education to deliver sustainability training to foundation year doctors.

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Follow the Sustainability Team on Twitter – @SustainableNUTH

Identify opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of our care pathways and implement reduction projects – the Sustainability Team can support

Link up with other services (such as Newcastle Council’s Energy Support Team) to support ill-health prevention

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