Following the success of #LetsTalk last year, our February campaign is, once again, all about mental health and wellbeing and we’re encouraging teams across Newcastle Hospitals to have a chat.

Whether that’s getting involved in discussions and debate – or simply catching up with colleagues over a coffee to find out how they’re doing – it is important we all try to take time out of our busy schedules for a natter.

Mental health problems still affect one in four of us so talking – and listening – can change lives. If you are meeting as teams and want to jot down your thoughts and ideas, you can pick up some posters from

There are also a lot of resources available nationally which we’ve shared below so why not get the conversations flowing in your department and share with us what you’re doing – #LetsTalk.

Time to Talk Day on Thursday 6 February is encouraging everyone to be more open about mental health. That’s not always easy but starting a conversation doesn’t have to be awkward and being there for someone can make a huge difference.

This year, they are using the popular game ‘would you rather’ to help break the ice and have lots of free materials you can download for free.

As a healthcare organisation, we spend every day looking after others but can often neglect ourselves.

Taking care of your mental health is something we should think about all the time and really invest in – just like with our physical health – and we do not need to wait until we’re struggling.

Every Mind Matters, created by Public Health England, provides simple and practical advice to get a healthier mind and get more out of life – from how to deal with stress and anxiety, to boosting your mood or sleeping better.

It also helps you spot the signs of common mental health conditions, get personalised practical self-care tips and information on further support as well as advice on what you can do to help others.

The North East has the highest male suicide rate in the country and it is the most common cause of death for men aged 20 to 49 in England and Wales.

Newcastle United Foundation launched ‘Be a Game Changer’ to encourage people in our city to talk openly about mental health and to provide tips on how to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Each year, one of four of us will experience a mental health problem – that’s an average of 12,989 fans at every Newcastle United game – so the Foundation is asking football fans to keep an eye on each other – as well as the game!

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