Encouraging active and sustainable travel for all

Lead on influencing a modal shift in travel and transport methods to more active and sustainable methods to reduce our travel carbon footprint by at least 28% by 2021 from a 2013 baseline.

For business travel to be carbon neutral by 2040

Offer free travel on Arriva buses between Freeman, RVI and Regent Point

Provide personalised travel plans for any member of staff who is unsuccessful when requesting a parking place

Offer a range of salary sacrifice schemes so you can reduce the carbon from your travel

Combined courier contracts to deliver a more frequent, more efficient service

Secure cycle parking available for staff

Free hopper travel between RVI and Freeman; larger more efficient hoppers coming soon

The Driving at Work Policy, Taxi and Courier Policy, Contract Business Lease Car Policy and the Car Parking Policy all support a shift away from single occupant car journeys

Electric charging points will be incorporated into car parking facilities

‘Dr Bike’ bicycle repair service visits the RVI, Freeman and Regent Point regularly

Sign up to be a Green Champion – email environment@nuth.nhs.uk

Sign up a Green Impact Team for your area – email environment@nuth.nhs.uk

Follow the Sustainability Team on Twitter – @SustainableNUTH

Complete the NUTH Travel Survey 2019 [link to follow]

Cycle to work. Get a bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme – https://www.benefitseveryone.co.uk/salary-sacrifice/cycle-to-work

Get a reduced cost travel pass through the Trust Travel Scheme – https://www.benefitseveryone.co.uk/travel-and-transport

Get an electric car through the Car Benefit Scheme – https://www.benefitseveryone.co.uk/salary-sacrifice/car-benefit-scheme

Use teleconferencing facilities instead of traveling for meetings

Park and ride, keeping vehicles out of the city centre – https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/services/parking-roads-and-transport/car-parks-and-street-parking/park-and-ride

Join a car sharing club – http://www.co-wheels.org.uk/northeast

Use one of the Trust’s pool cars in place of your own vehicle for work events – contact the Transport department on 0191 2231353

Flourish is our approach to supporting staff at Newcastle Hospitals. For more information please contact flourish@nuth.nhs.uk